Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

Geno Eats Gummy Bears Video 2



American / Los Angeles, CA
3:12 min - Dec 16 - .MP4 - 208.18 MB


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My friend Geno takes one of his gummy bears friends and rubs it around his lips nice and slowly around the top and the bottom one before putting it in his mouth and chewing him up in large chomps. He pushes the chewed remains forward showing it off some before he swallows his friends and grabs two more. He puts them in his mouth and relishes in chewing them up. He opens and shuts his mouth, showing the gummy bits and swallows them. Then he grabs 4. He puts them in his mouth. It's a gummy party in his mouth. They're getting all chewed up into a sweet sticky mess. He swallows them and puts in one more. His tongue is stained with the juices of his gummy friends. He's chomping the last one up to bits. He puts two more in his mouth...The end