Cum Over Mother's Knee

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KYLE'S MOM GIVES HIM AN OLD FASHIONED OVER THE KNEE SPANKING!!! UNFORTUNATELY....KYLE SEEMS TO BE GETTING TURNED ON AS HIS MOM SPANKS HIM.... TO MOM'S HORROR....KYLE EJACULATES ON HER LEGS DURING THE SPANKING!!! Kyle's Mom is upset with Kyle because she has arrived home from work.....and for the third day in a row.......Kyle has not mowed the lawn!!! Kyle's Mom confronts him, and tells him that he must be punished. Mom tells Kyle to take down his pants, and get over her knee....for an old fashioned Spanking!!! Kyle is Humiliated and very embarrassed, as he lies over his Mother's knee, and takes her bare handed Punishment. Kyle's Mom Beats her Son's bottom.....and she is planning further Punishment for her naughty Son...but she gets an un-welcome surprise........her Son was apparently so turned on by the Spanking....he ejaculates on her lap!!!!!! Mom cries out in horror, as she feels a warm liquid on her upper thighs, and is disgusted to see that it is sperm!!!! Mom dismisses Kyle immediately to his room