Daddy Daughter Therapy

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THE JAYMES FAMILY GOES FOR GROUP THERAPY WITH DR. RUSSELL GRAND. THE DIAGNOSIS IS....DADDY/DAUGHTER ISSUES. ALORA AND HER DAD ARE TOLD TO SUCK, LICK AND FUCK EACH OTHER IN FRONT OF THE FAMILY!! AFTER A HOT, HARD STEAMY FUCK...THEY SEEM TO BE GETTING ALONG BETTER ALREADY!!! The entire Jaymes Family has gone to seek help from renowned Therapist, Dr. Russell Grand. There has been a lot of tension in the they want to try and get to the bottom of it. Dr. Grand does some prelimory tests to see if he can diagnose the issue. He has mom take out her big Tits, and has her Son Brad fondle them. Interesting....but no breakthrough yet. Next, Dr. Grand tells Brad and Dad to take out their penises, Alora is told to stroke both cocks simultaneously. As She Jerks her Dad's cock and her Brother's cock at the same time......Dr. Grand sees what the Family problem is!! Alora seems much more "uncomfortable" playing with her Dad's cock than she does with her Brother's cock. Dr. Grand diagnosis a clear case of "Daddy/Daughter syndrome. Mom is told to put her big Tits away....Brad is told to put his penis away....and Dad and Alora are instructed to Suck, Lick & Fuck each other, while the Family watches. Since the Doctor is a very respected Therapist.....Dad and Alora go along with his "unusual" Therapy. Aloa sucks her Dad's cock....Dad gives Alora's young Cunt a good licking....and then Dad goes to town, and gives Alora a really good, hard Pounding....unloading his semen all over his Daughter's backside. They seem to be getting along better already!!! Dr. Grand is brilliant!! The Family is thankful for his help...and on their way home