Your Wife Fucks Your Boss - Cuckold



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Your boss sent you away on another business trip and your wife Kristina (Kristina Rose) makes a video call to tell you how much she misses you. You notice that the background looks like she is in your boss's office, but she tells you that are just acting crazy. She hangs up the call, but pushes the wrong button and you can still see what's happening.. she's SUCKING YOUR BOSS'S COCK!! He calls you a loser and they both laugh at you. He tells her that talking to a loser like you on the phone is a waste of time, and she agrees. They talk about how he sends you on all these business trips so that he can fuck your wife behind your back.. then she realizes that the call is still connected. OOPS! She laughs and tells you that she can't believe it took this long to figure out she was cheating on you. She tells your boss what a small cock you have and he tells her that your cock is too small to work for him.. he might have to transfer you to Siberia where they wont notice. He tells you that since you are 1,000 miles away and there's nothing you can do about it, he is going to fuck her in front of you. She tells you that you are her cuckold now and then starts riding his cock. She tells you to jerk off and then laughs when you do it! What a good little cuckie boy you turned out to be... HE FUCKS YOUR WIFE IN NUMEROUS POSITIONS AROUND HIS OFFICE and in the end, he shoots a load of cum in your wife's mouth. He wishes you a "Happy Anniversary!" and they both roll on the floor laughing. THIS IS ONE OF OUR MOST HUMILIATING CUCKOLD CLIPS EVER!!! YOU NEED THIS, WIMP