Dirty, Depraved Orgasm



American / Dallas, Texas
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You've been stroking and edging, saving up for that big orgasm. I love when you work yourself into a frenzy like this, because when you're desperate for release, you become so much easier to manipulate. You stroke to all sorts of fucked up material, but this time you're going to be cumming to something truly depraved. It's so dirty and disgusting that I'm not even going to make you ruin your orgasm! I want you to enjoy every second of it, and you'll even get a headrush to add to your pleasure. Of course, this generosity of mine is strategic: what you're stroking to is so fucked up that cumming hard will only add to your humiliation. Just how low will you fall in order to cum? [Contains: Jerk Off Instructions, Imposed Bi, Masturbation Humiliation, Cock Tease, Dirty Talk, Cum Countdown