I Want You! starring ADRIANA DEVILLE


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
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I Want You! starring ADRIANA DEVILLE I met adorable Adriana in Times Square in New York City. I stayed at a budget hotel close to 42nd Street in midtown Manhattan. There was a sign in the lobby with a screenshot from a security camera showing 2 armed robbers wearing ski masks who robbed guests in their rooms. Not the most reassuring advertisement but nice hotel rooms cost more than pussy in the Big Apple. Adriana grew up in Yonkers. 29 years old. Married swinger who transitioned into porn. She stands by the "I Want You" sign at the Armed Services Recruiting station and says, "I want you, too! I want that hot cock right in my mouth. I want it to explode all over, deep down my throat!" We went back to my room. Adriana's a former accountant. Has a degree and credentials. She and her husband watched a documentary on secret lives of women and porn. Found her calling! Quit her job and all her co-workers found out. 5'5" 120lbs. Size 8.5 feet. Loves Italian food. Dog person. Her favourite part of herself is her big round booty. 34-25-36 measurements. Models her thonged buttocks. Has been married for 7 years. Met her husband at her corporate job. Adriana recounts their best swinging experience. 2 days after their anniversary, Adrian and her husband hooked up with another couple and had a great time. She spreads her ass for me and lets me check out her bare feet. Family knows what Adriana does for work thanks to her brother-in-law finding her on milfseekers.com. Her parents are not happy with her decision. Old-school Italians who are very Catholic. Small titties with eraser nipples. Begs to suck my dick. I was a bit shy because her husband and my friend Marty were watching from 10 feet away. Adriana's husband could not have been more understanding, even offering to shoot camera for me so I could get both hands on his wife's head and fuck her face. I go for broke...and throat. Adriana's inner slut comes out and she talks dirty to me. I eat her ass. She sits on my face and bounces up and down. I finger her asshole and she sucks and strokes my cock. Feeding time. Adriana's gives the name of a swinger's club she frequents, telling me about a recent encounter where a stranger came all over her face. She licks my balls and swallows a thick load. Mentally, I change the name of NYC to The Big Apple Bottom thanks to her now-famous anus. Best Broadway show I ever saw