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Bentley Duran is a bit frustrated by her failing grade so she decides to approach her professor. He has a proposition for extra credit, when she agrees he excitedly licks her sweaty armpits tasting her. She’s not super into it but she needs a passing grade. It’s a secret between them. He pulls out his cock jerking it while he worships her bare feet, sucking her toes and licking her arches. Next he has a very interesting request, he strips naked and asks her to kick him repeatedly in the balls. She doesn’t hesitate and really delivers on those ball kicks. Bentley really wants to pass this class, it’s been a really hard semester. So if it means giving the professor an impassioned blowjob so be it, he’s not the first instructor she’s sucked off. She sucks that nerd’s dick and then lets him lick her pussy before fucking her. He pulls her panties to the side and bangs her from behind, she’s quickly becoming an A+ student. He takes an armpit licking break, then fucks her some more until cumming across her tongue