Under the Tree


Joey Kim

American / USA
35:02 min - Dec 17 - .MP4 - 607.52 MB


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kap_86 Feb 22

This video is an absolute masterwork in erotic cinema.  The production quality is unparalleled, and Joey just gets sexier and sexier as the scene goes on.  Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this video.  I promise you'll never look at a candy cane the same way again ;-)

Santa must've came early, because there are gifts under the tree! Watch me as I tease you with my tight body. I bring you closer to see how pink I am inside before getting myself wet. Sucking seductively on the candy cane that tasted so good in my mouth. I get so turned on sucking on the candy cane... You can't imagine what I do next.... http://joeykim.tv