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FAN REQUEST Jacob the I.T. guy was called in today to fix some email viruses that have been causing several issues at the adult entertainment company who he was working for to see if he could solve the problem asap. But in the middle of his hard work the head of the company came in where Jacob was working and sent him to work outside in the waiting room where the companies porn stars would come in and out and wait for their next casting performance for the camera. A few minutes later, Jacob lost in his work and gazing at his codes when suddenly Maria a sexy eastern pornstar comes in and sits beside Jacob, she kindly presents herself to him as if he was there waiting for the interview just as she was -Are you here to perform with me today? she asked but he froze for a sec as he was still in Awe fixated on Marias curvy body and on the sexy outfit she wore so wonderfully that he couldn't quite come around to answering her correctly and nodded - Ah... yes I think I am.. He said nervously. -If its your first time dont worry Ill be kind, dont be nervous...Im very sweet... Maybe we should practice a bit before and get to know each other better so that when you fuck me, you wont feel too nervous. Maria grabs Jacobs hand and places it in between her legs and up against her wet warm pussy and looks at him. -Im not wearing anything underneath... She whispers in his ear and tells him to go on his knees and stick his wet tongue deep inside her pussy... (Sweater dress, silky nylon crotchless pantyhose,High leather boots, satin bomber, cum swallow and play