Christmas Candy Cane Cunt Closeup

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Lorena Brink

American / Europe
106 5.0
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lickityslit - Top reviewer Dec 25
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Has to be the most beautiful pussy ever. The things she sticks in it is amazing. I am sure it taste great but to lick the candy cane taste out of her would have been pure heaven. :) Great to watch the cane melt away in her hot pussy. great video!

The perfect Christmas treat? Fucking yourself with a candy cane! My hot pussy melted the cane almost instantly, filling me with a pinkish - minty fresh - gooey mess and leaving my pussy with a very nice tingling sensation! Older devices might have some problems running videos in 1080p 60fps, a 720p 30fps version of this video can be found here: It has still decent quality but much less demanding on your system. Additional tags: 1080p, 60FPS, Accent, Amateur, Ass, Big Ass, Booze, Butt, Candy Cane, Celebration, Champagne, Christmas, Close-Up, Creamy, Curvy, Dirty, Dirty Talk, Dripping, Fetish, Fingers, First Time, Fluids, Food, Food Masturbation, Fresh, Gamer Girl, Glitter, HD, Holiday, Homemade, Kinky, Masturbation, Melt, Melting, Messy, Mint, Minty, Moaning, Moist, Nail Polish, Naked, Naughty, Nerdy Girl, Nude, Odd Insertions, Orgasm, POV, Play, Pubes, Pubic Hair, Quality, Red, Slut, Solo, Solo Masturbation, Sound, Special, Sticky, Sweet, Taste, Tease, Theme, Tingle, Toy, Water, Wet, White, Wide Hips
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