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Commissary Cash; Medical Testing On Inmates - Part 1 of 3 - 720p WMV - Mia Sanchez has arrived at the local jail after she was pulled over by the police and they discovered a bag of pot in her car. She is processed for intake and is subsequently strip searched and made to bend and squat over a mirror before being deloused and made to clean herself while the nurse watches. After Mia is all cleaned up, the nurse gives her a orange jump suit that she will wear while she is incarcerated before being led off to a holding cell until the judge can see her. Mia end up pleading guilty to the charge thinking it has to be a minor offense, its just a bag of pot! However, with the collusion between the private jail corporation and judges, she stands no chance and is sentenced to 3 years in jail for her offense. She is then sent off for her medical evaluation to make sure she doesn’t have any diseases or illnesses before being put into general population. While being examined by the jail doctor, he makes a recomendation that Mia would be a good candidate for medical testing. Mia’s eyes get big at the sound of that, and she asks what do they mean? The doctor and nurse explain that instead of using animals for product testing they use inmates who received money in their commissary account. It helps the jail bring in additional revenue for its investors while allowing the inmates the ability to make money! She’s not sure how she feels about the prospect of being a lab rat, but she has 3 years she has to make it thru and will certainly need Commissary Cash during that time! Starring: Doctor Tampa Nurse Lilith Rose Mia Sanchez Runtime: 19 Minutes 30 Seconds This Clip Is 720p HD, High Resolution 1280x720 made for FULL screen viewing - WMV