Fucked-Up Is The Path - Cocktease



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What I like about you is your wiliness to try just about anything to amuse me. I prefer you fucked up over sober....so much more fun and entertaining. The more you sniff the more you become weaker. Each sniff you will become more helpless and with me teasing your cock and mind endlessly with my big tits and bubble butt in your face you will lose all control....just the way it's meant to be. With my sexy satin lingerie with my cleavage popping out and seductively telling you how much you will never have me yet encouraging you to jerk off you are guaranteed to stroke your penis like the chronic hand humper you are. I know what kind of guy you are...weak for sexy women who know the power of pussy and tease. I'll get into your mind and get you helplessly fucked up controlling each of your strokes and leave you wanting and begging for more