Sweater Custom JOI/CEI Countdown

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American / Bootyland
328 5.0
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Caliman3 - Top reviewer Aug 11
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I did not know that fleece could be so sexy!

Custom fetish video focusing on fleece sweater fetish, cozy clothing, JOI, CEI and humiliation. In this video I am wearing a black fleece jacket, yoga pants and thick cable knit socks. "...Humiliate me, dirty talk and call me names throughout the video. Talk about how the fleece jacket feels. Talk about my fleece fetish and how much I love seeing you wear it. Tell me what you think about it. Instruct me to jerk off to you in your fleece. Talk about how good it feels for me to jerk off. Have me edge throughout the video. Talk about my cum eating fetish. Tell me what you think of cum eaters. Talk about how cum. Have me lay on my back, give me a cum countdown and make me eat my own cum. Humiliate me for what I just did and how much I enjoy how it makes me feel.&quot
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