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I remember reading a statistic somewhere that when it came to Tits vs Ass that the majority opinion of men was that the ass takes the cake (har har). You can't help but being a simple minded ass addicted fool like many of your peers. It's just hard wired into you somewhere. We all know that orgasms release feel good endorphins that take all the stress away for a moment. I want nothing more for you than to be as stress free as possible. You no longer need to look anywhere else to find the ass you wish to worship. I've got your perfectly round fat ass right here. I want you to worship and jerk to my ass. My ass is going to be the thing you crave. It's going to become your motivation to do better - to provide me with better. You're going to show your gratitude for being given the opportunity to purchase this clip. You already know you're going to enjoy it. Just buy it already and get ready to tribute. Show me your best first impression. I'm always looking for well behaved boys to take in