Dirty Butt Boy



American / Your Closet
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oh man, my stomach is really messed up today. I shouldn't have eaten all that food. I just took a big dump in the toilet and there is surely some more to come. Sorry to be so candid! But, I also can't help but notice how hard your cock is getting. Haha, you like when I talk about this nasty stuff, don't you? Most guys would find it repulsive, but not you huh? You like me talking about taking a dump. You wouldn't even want me to wipe huh? You would like me to use your tongue instead. I bet you even want to taste my **** fresh from my ass. Wow, you really are dirty. I am going to make you want it. No one makes you want to eat **** more than me. And with my perfect ass in your face, how can you resist
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