Shae Celestine Wakes up to a Facial Vid

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Shae is 20 years old and pretty new to the business but that doesn't mean she isn't anything short of amazing. She is petite however and cute as button. She giggles in anticipation while unzipping his pants. Down on her knees she begins to get the cock nice and hard with her mouth. Shae gets nice as sloppy just as she is told. This beautiful girl is slightly taken back by his size and struggles from time to time taking him halfway in her mouth. To give her a break, she gives us a little strip tease show before playing with her self. Back to the task at hand, Shae finishes him off with ease. He pulls out her mouth and jerks off a HUGE load all over her pretty cheeks. The cum drips down her mouth and chin to her perfect young tits. enjoy this 20 year old. She is amazing.... ps ... im in love double ps the reason im calling this video "wakes up to a facial" is because that really was her breakfast that day aaaaand, she told me to upload this video and i did so in her in the night so she will literally wake up to this video being public tomorrow morning. ENJOY