Sucking Off My Boss +A Complete Stranger

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2,287 5.0
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Fetty_Fap - Top reviewer Jan 26
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Easily one of the hottest vids on mv

Lol316 - Top reviewer Jan 26
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This video is for REAL

mosbius - Top reviewer Jan 1
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This was SO FUCKING GOOD. Worth every penny

THROAT SLUT: DOUBLE DEEPTHROAT. Yes, it is my REAL ex-boss. Yes, it was a complete stranger. NOT ROLEPLAY. I really wanted to make a MMF deepthroat video, but I didn't know what guys to ask. On a whim, I asked my ex-boss and a complete tinder stranger. I told my boss to come over first, before the tinder stranger. As soon as they both arrived, I took them into my room to start filming. The video opens with a few short clips of us getting ready to film... with all of our nerves and excitement. Neither of them had ever made porn before, and I had never had a threesome with 2 guys, even off camera. But the nervous giggling fades away as I start to suck their cocks. I suck the strangers cock first while my boss films a second angle from my phone. Then, he comes over and I take his cock down my throat. I took turns sucking them off, one at a time, then at the same time. Jerking off one while I took the other down my throat. Lots of gagging and spit. They like to take turns pushing my head down on the other one's cock. They pull my hair and play with my tits while I blow them. I even get on the floor and masturbate for their enjoyement, while they stand over me and jerk their hard cocks. They both finish all over my face and my glasses. Variety of positions and angles from 2 different cameras. Close ups and full shots. This video will really pull you in. Let it. BBG BGB MMF MFM threesomes 3 some stranger boss blowbang deepthroat facials facial
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