Freebie Tuesday

Pretty Bambi's Dirty Ass

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386 5.0
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RawHideRide - Top reviewer Dec 19
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Great overall experience!! If your into dirty talking to go along with phenomenal closeup ass spreading then this is a great video to buy!!

Thank you babe so glad you like 😘

Today is going to be the best day of your life. I gotta go bad and you're going to watch. Sit in here with me, jerk that cock and inhale the raunchy essence of my ass. You can't get enough can you!! Next we will go back to my room where you will feast on this lovely ass of mine. Clean my ass for me completely. As I bend over and spread my ass in your face you want to cum badly don't you?! Well my little toilet slave you have to wait until I say. Get that tongue ready bitch-it's lunch time