Backfired Plan

13:16 min - Dec 18 - .MP4 - 1.95 GB


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Wow hunny, I just had the WEIRDEST experience! I was out shopping and this guy just kept following me around. It wasn't obvious at first but once I hit the ladies section I knew he was either a closet perv or a stalker! So, I spied on him, and you know...I discovered something I really wasn't expecting. Mmmhmm, that's right, I KNOW what you're doing. You set up a private investigator to follow me around and see if I was cheating on you! I'm guessing you discovered that this plan has totally backfired on you. You just weren't ready to see what I REALLY had in store, but now the bottle has been popped there is no re-corking it. I hope you're ready, hunny