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Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
498 5.0
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gmguy16 Jan 6 2018
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Great video! Nakia is enthusiastic and cute. She's a slut and isn't afraid to show it. That is what I really love in a girl. The swallow at the end is just the icing on the cake. Highly recommended

Brandon Iron Jan 6 2018

Thank you for the kind words, gmguy16!  Glad you enjoyed Nakia's vid!  :)

PETITE PIXIE SUCKS FUCKS AND SWALLOWS I met naughty Nakia when she came to the office for a cocksucking casting. Thin blonde pixie. 20 years old. 5'2" 105lbs. From Idaho. Started webcamming and it unleashed something in her. Nakia absolutely must have an orgasm each and every day or she gets frustrated. Wanted to get medication to lower her sex drive when she was younger. This is her 6th shoot in the industry. Loves to give head and swallow, something she started with her 17-year-old boyfriend when she was 14. Oldest man she's been with has been 39. She's attracted to older men. Takes off her top. Itty bitty titties. Her ass is her favourite part of herself. Poses for me in doggy. She tried anal for the first time last month for a Florida-based site. Has had sex for money off camera. Nakia had a friend who had a brother who was having trouble with his girlfriend. A friend paid her $350 to fuck him for 45 minutes. Other work experience: corporate sales rep for a cell phone company, working in a golf pro shop, beer cart girl to golfers, and fishing. She shows me the tube of flavoured cream she brought called "Oraliscious." She puts it on my dick and licks it like icing. Nakia promises to take the load in her mouth and down her throat. Creative cock worship from an elfish nymph. Service gets upgraded and she offers her pussy in doggy. I ride this fun freak like there's no tomorrow. A little more sucking and ball licking before the boom stick explodes. Nakia learns that #BigLoadsMatter