Full Sex Tape with Owen Gray

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American / Los Angeles
1,940 5.0
22:30 min - Dec 18 - .MP4 - 1.12 GB - 960x540


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Kira Noir is amazing. She has wonderfully expressive eyes and a responsive body. Her range makes her versatile across a number of different scene types. Which brings us to this scene. Lately on Twitter she's been expressing a desire for being touched by someone who likes soft, slow, passionate foreplay. This isn't quite that but gives a glimpse into what she can do when she's not doing an amazing job in her harder scenes. If there was ever an argument for crowd funding it's here. We should be collectively putting our money together to fund the kind of sex Kira's been wanting lately, and recording it for the rest of us to enjoy. Like this scene, it would be fire.

Plenty of POV blowjob, side view pussy licking, and crystal clear views of Kira Noir taking every inch of Owen Gray's big thick cock