First Bad Dragon Fuck

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451 5.0
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Icechill03 Dec 19 2017
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This is undoubtedly one of my favorite videos now. Luna's first time with bad dragon is amazing to watch. You can see the joy and pleasure all on her face not to mention her wet pussy. Plus watching her squirt is the perfect cherry on top. This video deserves more than 5 stars honestly

GuildMagic - Top reviewer Oct 27
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SO AWESOME!!! LOVED THIS VIDEO!!! Luna is Just Absolutely Beautiful and Completely Amazing!!! She is Just so AWESOME!!! You have to get this!! This is Definitely a Must Buy!!!

Luna got a Christmas present - Ika the blue tentacle from Bad Dragon. She got a small size to start it out but is still intimidated, she wants to show all of you her first time using it. She fucks her pussy in a few angles and absolutely loves her new dildo! So much that she squirts. All Luna fans will love the genuine interaction and commentary with her