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Vyxen Steel is a big boobed, tattooed blonde bombshell who loves working at the club and showing off her body. Her huge tits need to be admired, to be lusted after, she wants to make men swell with desire. But when a customer is extra hot and she can feel his cock getting hard in his pants she lets them get all handsy, touching her boobs, squeezing them and exploring her body. But the problem with that is she gets all horny and that always leads to her pulling the dick out and sucking it. She sucks this random customer’s dick. She loves how good it feels, throbbing hard in her slutty mouth. Vyxen’s so into sucking this this dick, in for a penny in for a pound, so she figures why not let this stud rawdog her needy pussy? She bends over and he fucks her hard just the way she likes it. She sucks his cock between positions and sits on it, he thrusts up into her. She loves being used, having her holes used to pleasure a strange dick. She wants to give it all to him, sliding his cock into her ass. He fucks her stripper booty hole and fills it full of his cum. Vyxen loves the perks of her job