White Teachers Bow Down 2 Black Students



American / Las Vegas
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You are a teacher and your hot black student Ana sits on your desk and tells you she has been a good student.. she tells you that all the teachers in the school have been bowing down and serving the hot black girls in the school.. its time for you to take your natural place on the floor and worship her. She starts giving you orders and you find that obeying seems to be the right thing to do... she tells you to go fetch her some coffee. Part of you tells you that teachers arent supposed to be bossed around by their students, but another part of you tells you "I am inferior to black girls.. I should always obey the superior race". She tells you to tie her shoe for her and you do it like a good bitch. Then she tells you to untie it and remove it. You know its ridiculous for a grown man to be obeying a student but when she sternly says "DO IT", you lose all ability to resist. She waves her sweaty black feet in your face and you know what to do. You start sniffing and kissing her precious feet like a good white boy. Then she turns around and spreads her black ass... as she winks her asshole in your face you know that you have become her lowly asslicking servant.... In the end, she makes you jerk off for her.. A WHITE TEACHER, DOWN ON HIS KNEES IN FRONT OF HIS BLACK STUDENT, JERKING OFF HIS COCK WHILE SHE COUNTS DOWN... YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!! ASS WORSHIP , FOOT WORSHIP, PUSSY WORSHIP, INTERRACIAL DOMINATION, CUM COUNTDOWN, JOI, FEMDOM POV, and more