Jade Janzten desperate to pee wetting



Canadian / Las Vegas
8:24 min - Dec 19 - .WMV - 200.93 MB


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Jade Janzten joins us on ineed2pee when she gets locked out of her house. She totally forgot her keys but goes around to the back where the slider door is usually open... except for today! Poor Jade is so desperate to pee she can't even stand up straight at all, she has to stop walking at points, and bend over with her knees knocked. This is Jade Janztens first time wetting herself on camera and this cutie isn't shy at all! When she needs to go, it starts to flow! She pisses a little and manages to hold it for a few more seconds but it's too much.... it's dripping and splashing down her legs and into her suede shoes! Her desperation dance and wetting is very natrual. Her tight turtoise pants don't hide the pee streaks at all! She pisses herself completely and it's a huge relief! In the Behind The Scenes interview, she tells us EXACTLY how long she was holding it (we filmed this at 2:45pm that day) and I was shocked she seriously held it that long. For a tiny girl of 105lbs, she's got a huge bladder capacity. She is fun & bubbly and an awesome girl next door