Freebie Tuesday

Plugged with a quadruple standing zipper



American / United States
23:35 min - Dec 18 - .MP4 - 1.68 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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SlaveBC gets slutted up for her owner in a cute fishnet outfit with restraints. The perfect accessory for the outfit is her stainless steel butt plug. She gets restrained in a doorway and slowly and painfully 40 clothespins are attached to her sides and tits. She screams and begs for them to be removed but before that she gets 6 rubberized clothespins attached to her inner thighs and then ripped off. Such a good slut like her deserves some spit on her face and loving face slaps along with the Hitachi shoved in her dripping cunt. After begging and begging, her owner is nice enough to remove the two zippers on her sides and tits. By the end or her ordeal shes a crying mess. tags: fishnet, butt plug, high heels, clothespin, zipper, screams, pain, crying, restraints, bdsm, slave, blindfold