Sweater Tease and Torment to Cum

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Winter is here. Sweater season is here. I love it. I love throwing a comfy sweater on and a pair of panties and teasing the fuck out of you pets. Look how sexy this looks on me. No bra on. I know this simple sweater makes your cock hard. Watch me rub it against my body and pull it up and then back down. Stroking hard for my sweater. As I lift it again you stroke harder.. mmm craving to cum. So teased, so tormented. You want to moan my name, you want me to keep teasing you? You want to cum? You'll do as I say. So teased and tormented by my hot body in this sweater. Teased and tormented to cum to release to feel that pleasure. It's all worth it because I'm too hot and too perfect