Sucking Up Pantyhose With My Vacuum


Madison Marz

Russian / Your Dreams
12:25 min - Dec 19 - .MP4 - 921.40 MB


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I walk into my living room to see pantyhose all over the couch. I promptly begin to suction them all up with my vacuum cleaner while you also get a great view of my tight little ass in a sexy short skirt. You then get a closer view of numerous pairs of pantyhose getting suctioned up into my vacuum. I move the vacuumed to the my feet which are encased in a sexy and silky pair of pantyhose. I then slowly suction the pantyhose off of each of my sexy legs until the they are completely eaten up by my vacuum. You get an even closer view as pair after pair of pantyhose is consumed by my powerful vacuum. This video was shot with a professional mirrorless DSLR, lens and microphone in HD 1080p 60fps