First Time with Bad Dragon Nox



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9:42 min - Dec 19 - .MOV - 698.93 MB - 1620x1080 HD


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OMG... So like, I'm kinda a small lady right? You may have seen me struggling to take that ten inch dil in my other vid... well, here's me with an even bigger dil, the Bad Dragon Nox! I'd been lusting for the Nox for such a long time- those curves, dem ridges. When I saw a medium was 6.5 inches widest circumference I thought I could take that for sure!- and did in this video ;) it was a bit of a struggle that left me all hot, sweaty, and aspiring for more next time! Enjoy seeing me take this toy from different angles and positions and cumming hard while riding it with my ass facing you
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