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Roxy Cox

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208 5.0
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twiddershins Jan 8 2018
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"Why can't you have a real dick? D'ya know what a real dick looks like?" This hot, supersexed blonde asks your size only, purely quite rhetorically, sarcastically: totally undersized valuation warrants examination, your zenith! She'll show you if you're a pinkydick and humiliate you with her honest opinion regardless. Roxy gives you an SPH megashow of goddess worship, constant loser humiliation, and a dildo comparison guaranteed to make sissies spurt hand-free. Witness her magic trick and you will be changed.

Zodiac999 - Top reviewer Mar 18
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Roxy Cox is an Alpha Goddess who humiliates my tiny little 4 inch penis!

Your little dick is really useless to me, do you really think your baby sized dick will give me any pleasure? Laughing at you, I humiliate your pathetic manhood and show you just how small you really are. Your dick is the same size as my baby finger, confirming that your nothing but a tiny dick loser! I compare you to a big thick white 9" cock and enjoy fucking myself with his big cock while you sit there and watch being my loser cuck. Seeing me fuck a real man makes your lil tiny dick cum too quick and then as punishment for cumming too quick you are made to eat your own cum like a good lil cum sissy slut. Say thank you to mistress like a good loser, you can't last for a hot goddess like me