Fried Chicken And Soda Burps HD

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American / Bootyland
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from the start to the end a wild ride of Burps, Belly Rubs, Stuffings an Bloatings

one of the best bits as the lovely Dojabrat walks in her ass and thighs are just jiggling whilst carrying a huge meal of fried chicen and chips with extra grease and loads of sugary soda you know this is gunna be loud and messy.

miss DojaBrat doesnt waste time gulping down soda and shoveling chicken down her gluttonous mouth. and we start hhearing these perfect burps.
and more stuffing buroing tshirt coming off

half way thru and her belly is huge tshirt rolled up and so her belly rests half way up her thighs so you cant see her underware or anything just a fat belly.

such alovely video burping is sooo good

I love fried chicken so much. I ordered a big order of fried chicken with a bunch of french fries and honey mustard. I also ordered a side of mozzarella sticks. I can't wait to eat all this food because I'm sooooo hungry. I wash it all down with 2 cans of soda that cause me to burp super loud
Milk Mouth
American / Bootyland