Foot smotther, gagging & smelling slave



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Lay down on the floor like a human carpet, don´t you dare to say a single word and be ready to suffer all my foot play on your face. I know yours is so delicate because of your dermatitis or whatever fucking problem you told me you have in your skin. I don´t give a shiiit. You are gonna feel my naughty bare feet straight on your fucking face. You can open your eyes if you wish to see how beautiful and perfect are my feet: thin, long, dry, with a messy toe nail polish since you don´t deserve I waste my time getting a pedicure specially for this session. That is only for my best lovers. Actually you should thank me for letting you enjoy my feet so close, this is a privilege just a few can aspire to. But I want to make clear the only reason you are useful for me. I love smotherring you very hard with my soles, covering your nose, your cheeks and your eyes. Smell them and beathe them in, can you? I play with my feet on your face, hitting it with them. I can´t stop. Your cheeks start getting hot and red because of my energy. You already know how I love you to proceed: open your mouth to suck my toes and try to gobble my feet down. The more you devour them, the happiest I am and the harder you get. You open your mouth wide, you want to gobble my full feet down but you have your limits, my feet are too big and long for your disgusting tiny mouth. You stick your tongue out and lick my soles, I move them back and forth on it, you look like an obedient puppy. I also put my heels inside of your mouth... you are now so horny, your dick is about to burst... YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: yo dream of being one of my privileged fans. HIGHLIGHTED: you can sometimes glimpse my exquisite pussy unde my dress. It definitely will make your mouth water. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW