Your Mom's Hot Friend

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Bettie Bondage

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Mrsummers deleted - Top reviewer Dec 22 2017
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Im 5 years older than you but I am imagining myself at a younger age with this happening for me. When I was about 20 my friends next door neighbor in her thirties would drink with us sometimes and get all close and touchy/flirty ,I really wish I would have not been such a pussy and pursued her.This vid gives me a glimpse of what I missed:)From 3:55 to 5:14 FUCKING HOT! Love this!

Your mom's best friend has been a part of your life for as long as you can remember. Almost like an aunt but, you know, not related. Which is a good thing, cause you've always thought she was smoking hot. So, when your mom asks if you can stop by Bettie's to help her out with some things, you're happy to agree. What you didn't expect to see when you got there was a coffee table covered in dildos and vibrators, and Bettie wearing knee-high knit socks, a sweater and panties. You're a little embarrassed but she seems totally comfortable with it. It's only when she mentions the toys in front of her that you admit it's a little...weird. She giggles. "Wait," she says, "you didn't know that I'm a sex worker? Your mom never told you?" You admit that the whole thing is news to you, and Bettie smirks. "Well, why don't I show you how I use these all? Maybe that'll put you at ease..." Bettie stands up, flaunting her body as she strips for you, pulling off her sweater and sliding her panties down her thick thighs, encouraging you to take out your cock and stroke while she uses her toys on her smooth, wet pussy - on display for you. You listen as your mother's best friend tell you what a cumslut she is while you stroke, hearing her beg you to push yourself inside her, to fuck her. To fill her with your cum