Dear Santa | Christmas Masterbation

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American / Fantasyland
1,092 5.0
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SouthPaw Sep 18

This was a good purchase. Santa would have been really lucky to have walked in on that.

titymctwist Jan 1 2018

oh u been naughty

ericasse - Top reviewer Dec 9
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The perfect way to start Christmas season.

Jpaugust Dec 24 2017
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Starting with great holiday puns and ending with post-orgasm clit play, this video does not disappoint.

SirNycto Dec 20 2017
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Set and mood of the video is perfect and overall angles is amazing and plenty of feet showing for you foot lovers aswell

2017 winter video | Writing a naughty letter to Santa and turning myself on masturbating with a candy cane glass dildo and a vibe. Original video has no music and has several different angles and focuses