Hard Self Belly Punching for Red Tummy

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A sexy short haired blonde is standing naked and gives you a serious look. She tells you that she wants you to do something to her, though it might not be what you are thinking. She knows you love her belly and she wants you to punch her as hard as you can in her sexy tummy. With that, she shows you exactly what she wants you to do with some serious and hard self belly punching. She uses each had and balls up her fists as she describes how she wants you to punch her. After she talks about the fist she wants you to make, she slams herself in the belly so hard her body folds and her big tits bounce all over. She is in pain with the blows, but she likes it and wants more. She goes from kneeling, to standing up, and even lying down for the belly punching action. She talks about you punching her below her naval, in her gut, and even right in her belly button. The more belly punching she does, the more excited she gets. After a lot more belly punching she pauses from hitting herself to show you how red her tummy is. It has been getting redder and redder with each strike, but it is now so red that you can even see welts on her skin. She wishes so bad that it was you doing the belly punching and she will let you punch her as hard as you want, anytime you want, as long as it is in her belly. Included in this clip: Belly Punching, Punching, Self Belly Punching, Big Tits, Short Hair, Blondes, Rough, Hitting Self, Striking Self, Belly Blows, Gut Punch, Tummy Punch, Red Belly, Blondes