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This was a custom and if you would like to have your own, email me at LunaLainModeling at g m a i l dot com Luna Lain tries to calm down the actor she shrunk because he doesn't understand that she only wants to have sex with him. She's been his biggest fan for years and after playing, she will transform him back to normal. She read how he loved women's feet and unlaces her shoes so he can admire her smelly feet. Her wiggling toes look huge next to his tiny body and he holds his nose to prevent gagging from her sweaty feet. The size accentuates the odor and he won't massage her feet. In frustration, Luna pushes his body between her toes and wrinkled soles. Slamming him to the ground, she gives a rough footjob, but he's too tiny to give an orgasm. Since he isn't enamored with her, she strips nude. She's angry that he doesn't love or follow her directions but still turned on by his itty bitty size. It's perfect for her tight pussy and she shoves him inside so she can rub her clit while filled up. Cumming, her kegals clench his helpless body and he doesn't move when she removes him. It sucks that he won't be in anymore movies, but being crushed by an orgasm is a great way to go! @LunaLainXX OTHER KEYWORDS- giantess, female domination, executrix, executrixx, foot fetish, footplay, solo masturbation, solo female, female masturbation, orgasms, Luna Laine, Luna Lane, redheads, red hair, all natural, @LunaLainXX