Miss DawnAvril Teaches you to Jerk



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I understand now why you're always so tired and distracted in class. The tension that's been building up in your body for so long has led you to seek out a solution to your problem. You haven't been jerking off properly. You haven't had the right kind of visual and mental stimulation along with the gentle touching that only I can provide. When I became a teacher, I made it my mission to help. I can't offer these sessions in school because of the sexual nature. However, I can provide home tutoring sessions to you. In our first session today, I'm providing you with plenty of visual stimulation to keep your member rock hard. I do think my audio is good enough on it's own, but I am feeling quite generous. I know men are visual creatures. The reason your orgasms suck so much is because you've been impatient and greedy. You want to cum fast and hard. No patience. Never fully allowing yourself to feel pleasure. Your goal today is to mimic my hand movements as best as you can in order to truly feel what it's like if I were to actually play with your cock. I know you like to cum fast, so whenever I think you might be too close you will STOP. IMMEDIATELY.. and rest your hands while I visually stimulate you with my body. This is called edging. You will edge for me. I will fuck your mind. And you will blow your load for me when I tell you to