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3,468 5.0
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henryodom3 Dec 26 2017

Sexy boobs love to have u sit them in my face

popkid28 - Top reviewer Dec 26 2017
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Definitely one for the boob lovers! She never takes the camera off her breasts and gives you a good chance to see them above, in front of, and below you. There are some great bouncing moments where it looks like she is riding you, and she ends with a countdown for those who can hold out until then. As the emphasis is all on her tits, you don't get to see much of her gorgeous face, but I think the few times it sneaks in there and you get both her face and boobs together -- those are my favourite moments! But in addition to getting her tits all the way through the video, you also get her first class non-stop dirty talk the whole time!

Recommended for any boob lovers! And if you haven't yet, you also need to check out her "32 DDD Tit Play" video! That video was so hot, it made purchasing this one a no-brainer.

Booooob men! This one is for you! Enjoy watching me play with my tits- squeezing them, bouncing them, slapping them, hanging them over your face?.. You should enjoy this! I dirty talk you into blowing a load all over my hot tits in a really sexy POV ending! I really love when you guys get off to just my tits alone!!! They are so big and plump- truly made by God for your enjoyment