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Angel Lee

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Featuring Angel Lee! I just got back from the pool and feel so good even though I have not had a chance to work out. You should really get in the gym more. These biceps could crush you because they are so strong. My abs are like steel. My muscular legs could crush you. I could beat your ass with my calf muscles. My tight butt cheeks could sit on you and take you out. Each cheek can bounce on command. Even my pecs are in shape and can bounce up and down. All of this means you have to work harder. Having a wimp for a boyfriend is a drag, so I will go to the gym and get stronger so I can beat you up. After thinking about it. I decided that I can beat you up instead of taking the time to go to the gym. So it is time to punch and kick at you POV. Are you hurting? I don't care. It is too much fun throwing jabs at you! OTHER KEYWORDS- biceps, abs, calf muscle fetish, strong women, powerful women, pov fighting, exercise, muscular women, blondes, two piece, femdom, point of view, fitness, femdom POV