Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

My first BBC Chapter 4 Final



Latvian / Poland
9:03 min - Dec 21 - .MP4 - 750.48 MB


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Here's the script. Much less direction than in my previous ones. Let me know what you think. Ten minutes. You’re a femme fatale, a black widow. Cruel and arrogant.Dr**unk on the power you hold over men. You’re dressed in your sexiest all-black outfit, designed to crush egos and break hearts. Your nails are like black claws.   The atmosphere will be surreal with sudden, disjointed jump cuts between shots. Nine minutes of seductive poses, cruel stares, taunting smiles, and constant “micro-aggressive” finger gestures. If you can shoot in front of a black void or a simple dark wall with no furniture or decoration in sight, that would be ideal. Some shots of you standing in front of your mirror and staring at me through that would also be great.  In the final minute you head to the door (if you have a tight/cropped leather jacket you could put on to signal that you are going outside, that would be a wonderful addition; if not, no worries).  You suddenly turn around and stop me with an icy look. You snap your fingers and point to a corner. That’s where I’ll be staying while you are out on the town. You exit, leaving me alone.  In the final shot, close up on your computer screen playing my BBC video… my only entertainment for the night. Here's an example of "micro aggressive" finger gestures that I'm talking about. I wouldn't want you to copy her style, but maybe it will give you some ideas