Freebie Tuesday

Caught watching Kitten in the shower


Sully Savage

American / Tampa
11:20 min - Dec 21 - .MP4 - 1.17 GB


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You think you're slick huh? Thinking I wouldn't see you peeping through my door while I'm in the shower. Is that how you get your kicks? Does that make ur tiny little dick hard? Watching me soap up my body, thinking I'm alone? But I fucking see you and you're busted now! I should tell Daddy, But I'm going to make you watch me please myself with my blue Bad Dragon sleeve over my 8in dildo! You're dick would never be worthy of entering my pussy!! I'll make you sit right below me on your knees, make you watch the dragon dick enter me and exit as my pussy swallows it's amazing girth and size. My pussy gets so wet and warm, and I know it's exactly what you want. But guess what??! You'll never have it you worthless loser. My daddy has big muscles and is a GOD! You're a meer human with a pathetic body and even less useful dick. You want a show? I'm gonna shower you when I squirt all my yummy juices all over you. Tongue out bitch
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