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638 5.0
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paulsmall - Top reviewer Jan 1 2018
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Really desiring to eat fresh or even hours old cum from your cream filled pussy. Makes me want to dive face first in there and lick and suck it all up.

I've been training you a while now, cuck; you've learned how to suck cock for me and eat your cum like a real pro! But now is the next step... the step we all knew was coming. After you get him hard, what happens next? He fucks me, of course! But I think you're too much of a loser to assist me any further than you have... you got him hard, and now that your job is mostly done, sit at the bottom of the bed and watch as he fucks me from behind! I cum multiple times on his nice thick cock, while you jerk your sad pathetic dick... Finally, he can't hold back... he cums all over my ass and I direct you to finish your training by cleaning it up