Cazzy Kush

American / USA
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I have been watching my next door neighbor for a while now and finally tonight I was able to perform my master plan, a good old scratchy sockjob. I watched him until he was napping and I snuck in to tie him up (I knew he would never let me do what I am planning on doing). I waited for him to wake up and when he finally did oh boy did the sparks fly. He had amazing morning wood and I grew excited. He tried to get free but I began to tell him my plan and to my surprise he liked the idea, that is until we began. My socks are very scratchy and harsh and he did not realize how much pain he would be in for my pleasure. I start giving him a rough hand (Sock) job in between licking and sucking on the tip of his cock just so I could feel how hot the spongy skin was becoming getting wetter and wetter as I worked his cock, I could not compose myself and I just had to jump right on that thick, hard, spongy, bruised cock until I finally came all over it! 2017 Panther Productions Entertainment