Chris, the Sissy Maid Bitch



American / The Dirty South
9:29 min - Dec 22 - .MP4 - 542.43 MB


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Custom Clip: Feel free to change it up. You can leave stuff out or add stuff. Call me chris a lot again. Start off explaining that your BBC alpha boyfriend is in the next room and he would love to kick my scrawny ass. He has a list of orders for me to follow, and if i don’t he’ll kick the crap out of me. He has decided I’m going to be a 24/7 live-in sissy maid. He wants me in panties, a wig, and heels. He better not catch me out of uniform. He wants me to clean the entire house including the toilets. If he finds a speck of dust anywhere he’ll pound my face in. He decided my new name is Christina, I am no longer chris. He wants me to address him as Master. He wants foot rubs daily. He wants me to lick his muddy truck tires clean. He wants me to suck his balls. He wants blowjobs daily. Throughout the whole list keep reminding me i don’t have a choice because he’ll kick my ass and coerce me to do it if I refuse. End the clip calling to your man to have a little conversation to him about Chris/Christina. Call him in