Husband Daycare, Episode 2

11:13 min - Jan 13 - .WMV - 662.72 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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JANNA HICKS IS BABYSITTING TWO HUSBANDS. BEER....BOOBS....BLOWJOB.... AND A BALL DRAINING HAND MILKING BEFORE NAP TIME!!!! Janna is on duty at The Husband Day Care Today. She is in charge of two Husbands until their Wives come to get them. Janna is an experienced Husband care provider....She knows that all boys are simple....and stupid....and easy to babysit when you use that knowledge! Janna offers them a beer....a "picture book" that has naked Women....and Janna shows them Her big boobies. All of this makes the males very easy to look after. As nap time approaches, Janna asks the men if they would like a nice blowjob....and they respond affirmatively. Janna sucks off one of the guys She is babysitting....and then Jerks his cock until he cums all over himself.'s nap time