Snow White Giantess and her live Toy Boy

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Julia Jordan

American / USA
170 5.0
15:12 min - Dec 23 - .MP4 - 368.68 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Show white giantess is decorating her house for Christmas. She is so sexy, dressed in her red mini dress, red panties, over the knee high velvet boots and her cute christmas red hat. Unpacking the decoration and thrusting her hand in one of the boxes, she suddenly finds a super small tiny man, 1 inch high, hiding there. At first she is a bit scared, but soon she is so excited and amused with her new "live toy". She wants to have fun with the little man and starts danicing and striping off her christmas costume. Look at that hot body of hers! Look at those long giantess`s legs, at that tight sexy ass! Look at her amazing boobs and huge nipples! Look at that amazing beautiful pussy with huge pussy lips! She opens them and shows the tiny man her pink inside, her sweet little pee hole! Now she wants to surprise him with something real hot - a nice abundant festive golden shower! She gives it right on him like she used to do with her dwarfs, long long and abundant golden rain! Oh my! Is he alive? Seems he couldn`t survive. She must cover up the traces