Xmas I N T O X



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Cock Tease, C*erced Int*xication HO HO HO! Time to get you f*cked up! Grab your bottle of booze and shot glass and press play! Here it is how it going to go: For each hot you take you have 1 min to stroke. After I make sure you are tipsy I ask for my xmas present (of course) and considering by then ur tipsy you will give it to me. At the end you will get to unwrap your gift (my bow) and get to see my bare breasts as I order you to cum. Merry Christmas ! #Christian, #Christmas 2017, #Cock Tease, #Drinking Fetish, #Findom, #High Heels, #Int*x, #JOI Games, #Orgasm Control, #Topless