Coconut Oil Belly Button

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141 5.0
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spearking deleted - Top reviewer Mar 21
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It is a testament in itself to how good this video is considering I have never had a Belly fetish specifically yet immediately craved this video when I saw it. Doja massaging her belly is a crazy turn and such a mesmerizing thrill to gaze at. Partway she begins to bring in lotion and a small part slowly dribbles down her belly. A few seconds of it slowly sliding down and she catches it and rubs her belly more. It felt so planned and deliberate to let it slide. I loved that. Naturally the further the video prolongs, the more lotion is on and it's a real treat. Of course the shape of her belly and how close you get to view it is also the other thrill of watching. Awesome.

DojaBrat Mar 21

I absolutely loved reading that you have never had a belly fetish specifically yet you had to purchase this video. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and that I could help you explore new places.😍


Caliman3 - Top reviewer Aug 11
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I could spend forever kissing that belly!

bellyman deleted Mar 25
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Love the camera angle
Love your outfit
Such a nice shine to that doughy belly
Looks super soft and jiggly. Your content is amazing

In this POV style video, watch as I rub my big belly with coconut oil, explore my belly button and jiggle my tummy around
Milk Mouth
American / Bootyland
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