Stroke for me at Christmas



Austrian / Austria
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Christmas Eve and the holidays are so close and the will get extra exciting for you. You will see all of your familiy members finally again. It doesnt matter if they are visiting you or the other way around. You can do my instructions everywhere so no excuses. You will feed your stroke addiction if you want or not. You will sneak away for me and pray that nobody will reconise your perverted habbit that is controlling you. You will stroke it like i want you to and cum. You are going to be my good boy, dont you? Your will be so horny and it will drive you fucking crazy. Even this celebrations should be for your family members all you can think about will be me. Your Goddess! How you get rid of the mess? Well maybe i will help you maybe not. Who cares... Right haha This Clip is a follow up to my old but really beloved Clip Jerk at Work