Mistress tease and denial in PVC catsuit

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Roxy Cox

Irish / UK
227 5.0
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Oh Mistress Roxy,i'm totally addicted to you, my Irish Queen.I don't mind to be your slave and look at your round ferm ass covered in this so sexy and hot skintight PVC catsuit!Oh tease me my Goddess,yes humiliate me!I will do anything for you.I even lick your spit from the floor,oh yes i will lick your boots and your catsuit clean if you want me to!
Yes Mistress,i will stroke my tiny little dong for you.Omg my Goddess,sorry but i'm so distracted looking at your beautiful big round boobs!May i touch those beauties my Irish Queen?No?But i want too, so badly!!!!Oh Mistress,your so strict .Please,please,please?No?But i have to!!!!Damn i'm going to touch and lick your so wanted tits...OUCH!
Enjoy your worship video and Mistress Roxy,i will obey next time!You have to help me now ,do something about my swollen balls PLEASE!

Roxy Cox Jan 20

Mistress Roxy will punish if you don't obey your Queen, ballbusting in heels and boots is my favourite past time ;)

Mistress Roxy is wearing her skintight PVC one way zip catsuit & PVC knee high boots that makes you weak at the knees. You arrive late slave and mistress is less than impressed, no excuses and now your going to get on your knees and crawl to your Queen to beg for forgiveness. Your going to have to make it up to me slave, standing over you with my riding crop mistress enjoys showing off my round firm ass. I take great pleasure from teasing your little dick. Looking up at me, you are going to have to plead to serve me slave and beg to worship your perfect Irish goddess. You will obey my every word, every time my riding crop touches my sexy boots you must lick it clean. Lets see if you can follow a simple instruction as you failed to show up on time you dumb piglet. As I guide my crop up and down those hot pvc boots you are under my complete control and feeling weaker for mistress. I spit on my pvc catsuit you watch as it drips down and I makes you lick it when it falls to the floor, a good slave always cleans up my spit. Mistress knows you can't resist her and taunts you more with my perfect big tits, unzipping and instructing you to wank for your mistress. I make you beg to worship my huge tits while you wank your little pathetic cock for my amusement. You were caught staring at my tits that you stopped stroking, mistress tells you how to stroke your worthless lil dick properly. Mistress telsl you that she is going to let you cum for her after you constantly beg, stating that when she starts a cum countdown and gets to zero you may cum for me. Count slowly making you edge, teasing you but she never gets to zero and stops at one...... Did you really think your were going to be allowed to cum after showing up late for our meeting? A loser like you making a goddess like me wait, well I'm going to make you wait forever and you'll never get to cum for your perfect goddess. You will be locked in chastity as punishment and mistress will keep the key around her neck. Mistress has denied you and you have no choice but to go home with blue swollen balls under lock and key. I just ruined your orgasm and you'll be back begging for permission to cum. #orgasmdenial #ruinedorgasm #orgasmcontrol #worship #sph #PVC #femdom #verbalhumillation #tease #denial #cumcountdown #catsuit #mistress #bootlicking
Stepmom/son impregnation
Roxy Cox
Irish / UK
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